Product Description
On the land, we coordinate the work of manufacturers; On the way of products manufacturing, we constantly explore and test. We’ll devote 100% efforts to make breakthrough even if there is only 1% possibility. Each Product Is A Work of Art

Technical Advantage

To be unique, thus we can stand above to be the best

No.1 We have the only qualified High Strength Bar(-40°F) in China with mechanical property 15% above AREMA standard. No.2 We develop rail plate and components for American Railway lines. No.3 115/136RE Switch Points with Annual Production Capacity of 1500PR. No.4 About SMSG Casting Frogs-100RE/115RE/136/RE/132RE, RBM Insert Frog, we set up the highest inspection standard in China. CDR establishes a set of humanized and beneficial production management system, provided superior products that exceeds customers’ expectation, applies advanced logistic management and ensures safe delivery to door in time.

Quality Control

Focus In-process Quality Control, Ensure each Product Is Flawless

In the past five years, we continuously assist the production base to improve product quality and reach higher standards by focusing on details quality control in every production procedure. All the effort we made also gained good feedback from customers.

Production Facility

Sharp Tools Make Better Work

CDR’s production team has the leading position in the R & D technic and production scale in China. It reaches advanced level by optimizing production equipment and training professional team member, enables the products to obtain a number of international railway standard approval.
Product Category


Braces are used for supporting rails. Now we mainly provide 115 RE and 136RE.

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