Product Description

Rail Turnouts

We have 5 years of experience supplying frogs, switch points, guard rail, stock rail and special turnouts for railway lines also including the mining and tunneling industry.
Now our turnouts are mainly supplied for North American market and get approved for fast delivery and outstanding quality. Also, we are able to develop turnout components per customers’ needs.


Joint Bars

With more than 24 years’ experience, through continuously improvement of equipment and production method, we are able to provide joint bar of the best quality in China. Besides North America, we also provide joint bars that meet different standards in the world.


Rail Plates

We are professional manufacturer of rail plate including Hook Twin Tie Plate, which is used to match with turnouts components and Tie Plate, which is used to support rail on rail lines.



We are leading manufacturer and supplier of rail fasteners in China. Its products have been delivered to China and oversea markets.
Products have been approved by Class I Railroads UP & BNSF.


Small Casting Parts

Our small casting parts mainly include Heel Block Braces and Side Jaw Clip which match with Turnouts package. We will provide the quantity and package per customers’ need and arrange the packing and delivery appropriately.


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