Joint Bars

Our plant LCD focuses on the research, development and production of railway joint bars.

From 2011, LCD started to change the traditional production mode of coal, electric heating to natural gas heating which can ensure stable heating temperature.

We have invented over RMB ¥ 3million to upgrade the equipments including natural gas furnace for square steel billet heating and heat treatment.

We can supply various standards of joint bars based on customers’ need.
AREMA standard
BS Standard
UIC Standard
DIN Standard
South America Standard
Africa Standard

AREMA Joint Bar

We started to supply AREMA joint bars for North American Market. With 24 years’ experiences of manufacturing joint bars of Chinese standard, we successfully broke North American market.
We continuously improve our production equipment and production methods. So far, we are able to provide high quality joint bars whose mechanical property is 15% higher than AREMA standard.

Charpy Bar

We dedicated to develop Charpy Bars from 2013. In 2014, our charpy bars were approved by North America Class I Railroads. Through ongoing efforts, we are able to provide charpy bars with high and stable properties.

Compromise Joint Bar

Compromise Joint Bars are materials involved in railway applications that affix different sections of rail together while maintaining gage and at the same time keep the alignment of rail surfaces.
In 2015 we successfully develop compromise joint bars which meet the standard of North America. Main type is 136-115RE.

UIC/BS Joint Bar

We also supply joint bars of different standard including UIC and BS.
You may provide specifications and we will provide CAD drawings with detailed geometry for your review and approval.

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