Rail Turnouts

Our production base is the largest private manufacturer of railway turnouts and components in China. The production lines include all kinds of railway turnouts, switch point, frog and accessories.
About 80% of its products have been widely delivered to almost every region of China and 20% delivered to oversea markets.

● Equipped with 49 units of large-scale processing equipment and more than 200 units of small and medium sized manufacturing equipment which are the most advanced in railway turnouts industry.

Casting Frog

CDR developed casting frogs in 2014 with annual production capability of 3000 pieces. Frogs are furnished to AREMA specifications. Solid Manganese Self Guarded Frog shall be used in yard tracks. May be used in main tracks where speed does not exceed 30 mph.
We carry both SMSG (solid manganese self-guarded) and RBM (rail bound manganese) in common rail sizes and frog numbers.

Switch Point

CDR developed switch point in 2014 with annual production capability of 2000 pieces. Switch point also furnished to AREMA standard. Main type includes 16.6’ and 19.6’ rail 115RE Knife cut & Samson cut, 136RE Knife cut & Samson cut. Also we provide switch points per customers’ needs.

Guard Rail

Guard rails may be used with self-guarded frogs when conditions justify. We can supply 115RE &136RE guard rail with self-guarded frogs.

Stock Rail

Stock rail is the rail that used in conjunction with Switch Points. Our stock rails match with our Samson cut Switch Points. Main type includes 115RE and 136RE.

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