Casting Frog


We have 5 years of experience supplying frogs, switch points and special turnouts for railway lines also including the mining and tunneling industry.
Frogs can be furnished to AREMA and other specifications and can be made for your particular application.

The advantages at a glance:
 Strict production management and quality control—CDR products quality is 15% higher than average standard.
 Accurate lead time, monthly update of production schedule
 In time delivery, weekly update of shipment status


● Type

1:3 to 1:18 Simple turnout
Scissors crossover turnout
Double slip switch turnout
Able to develop others per customers’ need

● Process Feature
Workers are strictly in accordance with production regulations in the process.
Inspectors conduct quality control and management in every step of production process to ensure high quality products.

Feature : twice straightening
first : straighten blank of frog before processing
second : straighten after processing to ensure the flatness of completed product

Feature : carefully measure and draw processing line before processing to ensure the accuracy of the size

Feature : before completing, inspect every location to ensure to be qualified, fine adjust

● Quality Control

Dimension of frog

Calibrate the gage and ensure the correctness of the gage before quality test
1、find the theo. Point

2、mark 143 on the frog

3、mark 15.9 on the frog

4、measure width at actual point

Data Analysis of Frog

Figure on the right is dimension deviation table(average value and upper and lower deviation ). Monitor process of the products and ensure the accuracy of product size

Chemical Component of Frog

Inspection certificate of each batch of raw materials is provided. We conduct sampling inspection for raw materials and strictly control the accuracy of chemical composition

Flaw Detection of Frog

Figure On the right is flaw detection of a finished frog.

● Package

2 pieces per wood pallet,place each piece opposite to the other
two tags : Packing list and product information

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